Global Studies] Comparative Analysis Memo

Assignment 3:

Relaying the same message to different cultures is usually much more than simply translating the words. Nowhere is this point more evident that in professional web sites designed to reach different target audiences in different regions of the world. To begin to immerse you in this interesting world of international communication, please write a memo now that presents a comparative online (webpage) analysis of two cultures: in the USA and in a country of your choice (United Kingdom).


Your memo will present similarities and differences that note between company web-pages designed for USA consumption and for foreign consumption in the countries in the countries selected by you.


1) Choose two major companies or organizations that have multinational websites (allowing you to access different versions of the site for different countries)

Companies/organizations: BMW and Adidas
Countries: USA vs. United Kingdom
i) US BMW: index.html
iii) US Adidas:

2)Produce a memo that presents your research.

3)Organize your memo in any way youd like as long as it meets the following criteria:
(i) Typed, single-spaced, font readability, 3 pages maximum.
(ii)Memo format, with bold headings/sub-headings for clarity.
(iii)A logical organization that readers can easily follow.