Globalization and sport especially world cup in Qatar 2022

I want writing research papers about Globalization and sport especially world cup in Qatar 2022″.


Instructions for the Project:

the project must assess the impact of globalization in terms of one of the Seven areas : Democracy, Science, Aesthetics, Body/Self, Heroines and Heroes, Colonialism, or the Environment, and propose a course of action for that country. I suggest environment because Qatar in middle east so the environment completely different for any world cup happened before.

The project must include three things: a literature review, covering the existing research and writing thats been done concerning the topic; should assessment of the impact of globalization on your focus country or culture, as described above, and informed by the various theoretical concepts and you should know of action for your country or culture going forward, supported by evidence to support your choices and with full consideration of the complexity of the problem.

Do not write anything about religions.

Taking some citations from the previous articles for the essays that have written last two months.

the project must make use, in some fashion, of ideas from the Tsing book Friction and from The Medium is the Massage, though how you do this, and to what extent, is up to you.

The project should be in the form of a written paper, approximately ten pages. The paper should be in proper MLA 7 format, with all appropriate citations, cover pages, bibliographies, etc.

No plagiarism.

Show me your sources in the last page. I mean if you used any sources from the internet.

Please If you have any questions contact me on the messages board.