Globalization/ Domestic situation of the U.S.

Apa format
Double spaced
The 2 texts that need to be used for these 2 essays as a source:
1) Traditions and Encounters, Volume ll, Bentley and Ziegler
-Can be any of these Copyrights: 2008, 2006, 2003, 2000
2) Worlds of History: A comparative Reader, Volume ll, Kevin Reilly, ed.
Can be any of these copyrights: 2007, 2004

There are 2 different topics and one needs to be 3 pages long and the other 2 pages long using both texts as sources and you may use the internet as a third source. These are 2 different essays both need to be 5 pages together.
-Based on your critical analysis of the material in two texts.
-Anytime you take material directly from the readings in Reillyor from Traditionstext or from any outside source ( and no more than phrases or single sentences at a time please), you should place that information within quotation marks and cite the source and page within parenthesis at the end of the sentenceexample, (Reilly, p. …), or (Traditions, p. …). Additionally, you must cite fully, in correct bibliographic style, information obtained from sources outside of either the Reilly or Bentley texts.

Topic: Essay 1
1What is meant by the term Globalization?What are the consequences of this transformation for the world? For example, consider how race, gender relations, and the ecology are affected, along with political and economic issues. Reilly presents opposing theories on the problems facing the world. What are some of the opinions being offered? How would you compare and contrast the different views of the causes and consequences of the issues raised by globalization? Which views would you consider the most convincing? Why?
-Needs to be 3 pages/double-spaced/ APA format/use both texts and can use internet

Topic: Essay 2
2Consider the domestic situation of the United States in the years since World War ll. What would you argue were the most significant events and issues facing the country? Why? What would you consider to be the successes and failures up to the present? Why?
-Needs to be 2 pages/double-spaced/ APA format/use both texts and can use internet

The readings for both these essays in both texts which will help to write the essay:
..Traditions and Encounters: Different copyrights with different pages-
(2008)-pp.Bottom 1070-1090, bottom 1101-top 1103, mid-1112-bottom 1114, 1131-1165
(2006)-pp. 1063-1091, 1102mid 1103, 1113top 1115, 1131-1165
(2003)-pp. bottom 1076-1082, 1087-1088, 1105-1106, 1117-1120, 1135-1168
(2000)-pp. 964-991, 997-999, 1009-1018, 1027-1036, 1041-1066

..Worlds of history (Reilly): Different copyrights with different pages-
(2004)-pp. mid 454 to 476, 516 to 553
(2007)-pp. 471top 476, 506-542