Goal statement -Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) with Specialization in Higher Education and Adult Learning

Guidelines for Writing Your Professional Goal Statement
Directions: The following instruction contains information about your goal statement, which is a required part of your application to Walden University. Please focus only on the information requested about you, your background, and your future goals. You are strongly encouraged to carefully proofread, grammar check, and spell check your goal statement. Overall writing presentation and clarity are very important.
Degree and specialization: You must clearly indicate to which degree program you are applying as well as the specialization you wish to pursue within that degree program.
Content: There are 6 sections described below. Please include the following information when preparing your goal statement. While not required, we strongly suggest that you format your goal statement by heading each section with the headings shown below. Write your information in paragraph form and do not use bullet format under the section headings.
a??a?? Personal/Professional Goals o Whyyouareinterestedingraduateschoolandwhatareyourplansafteryoureceiveyourdegree? o Whatinfluencedyoutochoosethefield? o Whyareyouinterestedintheprogramandspecializationtowhichyouareapplying?Pleasenote
that your personal/professional goals must be in line with the specialization to which you are applying.
a??a?? Academic Experience o Describeyourpreviousundergraduateandgraduateacademicexperience;ifyoudonothavethe
specialization background, you may want to explain how you plan to apply your prior academic
skills to your chosen specialization. o Youmayincludeanyexperiences(e.g.,studyabroad,uniqueworkorresearchexperience)that
influenced your choice of graduate program/specialization. o Explainanyinconsistenciesinacademicrecordorworkexperience.IfyourGPAisnotwhatyou
would have liked, explain special personal, physical or family circumstances that may have adversely affected your GPA.
a??a?? Research Experience o Addresspriorresearchexperience,significantresearchpapers/projectsorotherresearch
accomplishments in your field. If you do not have any prior research experience, you must indicate that under this section.
a??a?? Work /Other Experience o Whatisyourpriorworkexperience?Includeanyvolunteerworkand/orextracurricularactivities
that complement your career decision. If you do not have any relevant experience, you should indicate this. You can also address any cultural knowledge or experiences you may have acquired that may better prepare you for the field.
a??a?? Personal Qualities o Includeinthissectionpersonalqualities(e.g.,interpersonalskills,teamworkskills,etc.)you
possess that you believe will contribute to your success in your field and graduate study.
a??a?? Why Walden? o IndicatewhyWaldenwouldbeagoodmatchforyouandyourfuturegoals. o WhatinterestedyouaboutWalden(thiscouldincludecourses,faculty,and/orresearchprojects
and facilities)? o Whyareyouinterestedinanonlineprogram?