Goals for improving your interpersonal communication

This was a previous assignment i did.pls read my answer and the bottom question .

Identify at least three personal goals for improving your interpersonal communication. Write several (minimum of three) specific objectives that you hope to accomplish by the end of this course. Define how you will measure success.

My previous ANSWER: By the end of this course, I have a set of three personal goals for improving my interpersonal communication. First, I want to learn how to articulate my ideas in a well-structured and more succinct manner. To grow on the first goal, I want to engage in more minds expanding discussions of abstract ideas rather than materialized opinions. Thirdly, I want to rebuild my social life to where I have receptive personality so that other people can understand me better. I believe that success is reaching your goals, whatever they happen to be. For me success is a feeling of self-worth that can be measured by the goals I have set and met in the past, and how hard I am willing to work to accomplish my future goals. Typically, the harder I work toward achieving a goal the greater the feeling of satisfaction I get when I meet that goal. In a sense, when l accomplish my goals, it boosts my self-esteem and builds my confidence. I will measure success not only by getting my A at the end of this class, but by seeing my improvement on interpersonal relationship with people around me.

Using the above discussion,pls answer the below.

Check back to Module I Journal. You developed three personal goals for improving your interpersonal communication and developed specific objectives. You also defined how you would measure your success. What progress have you made on your goals? Be specific. Have you achieved success? If yes, how do you know? If no, what are your specific plans to ensure success?

pls use source.
DeVito, J. A. The interpersonal communication book. Boston. Allyn and Bacon, 2009, 12th Ed.