Gomyrovk: Thesis title: Impact of Economic and financial crisis in the construction industry in the UK

A research focussing on the business/management issue which you are proposing to focus on for your individual project.

No more than 3,000 words (excluding references)

Thesis title: Impact of Economic and financial crisis in the construction industry in the UK

Title page: Title, course, candidate number, date of submission

Aim: Clear, concise statement of overall aim of the proposed project (50 words maximum)

Context and reasons for choice: Organisational background and why the proposed project is needed (500 words maximum)

Objectives: a list of specific objectives that will need to be achieved in order to achieve the aim (200 words maximum)

Critical literature review: an analytical commentary on previous work on this and/or related topics which sets the proposed research in context and highlights the need for/potential value of it (900 words maximum)

Methodology: Outline of the methods you propose to use to obtain and analyse the information you need to obtain in order to achieve your research objectives and a justification of them by reference to their strengths and weaknesses as cited in the research methods literature (600 words maximum)

Ethical issues: a brief discussion of the potential ethical issues (if any) which the research raises and how you propose to resolve these

Tasks: the main practical steps which will be involved in implementing your proposed methods (equivalent to 500 words)

References: list of all sources cited in the body of the proposal a presented in conventional Harvard format

The proposal needs to tell the reader

What the research aims to achieve?


Why it is needed and worth doing?

(Context and Literature Review)

How you propose to obtain the necessary information?


When you propose to carry out each stage of the research?

(Task list and GANTT chart)

Ethical Research:


a? Do no harm: e.g. emotional or mental distress or pressure; possible damage to financial or social standing.

a? Informed consent: respondents and participants should be fully informed of the aim and purpose of the research; potential benefits and risks and what will happen to the data.

Data Handling:

a? Confidentiality

a? Anonymity

a? Data protection

Formal ethical approval:

a? ABS (ac.uk/newweb/research/ethics/ )

a? External: e.g. NHS research may require LREC and PCT R&D approval. Seek advice before proceeding.

See also: uk


Weighting (%)

Aim 5

Context/Background 10

Objectives 10

Literature Review 25

Proposed methods 30

Ethics 5

Tasks 10

References 5