Google and the new legal enviroment of business (WTO,WIPO,TRIPS)Reseach Paper

I need an analytical(technical) paper for a business law class.
It must contain a comparison between the laws and regulations that where use in the past (no later than the 90s) and the ones that are used today by organizations like the WTO and WIPO. Related this changes to Google and the chalanges this company face today. Discus the problems that Google has had whit the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center regarding the dispute over domain names.

I dont need a report on the history of these agencies or Google. What I need is a technical paper to show the modifications that have been made to the different agencies (WTO,WIPO) and treaties regarding intellectual property, trademark and patents. I also need a separete page with the cited work.

TRIPStrade-related aspects of intellectual property rights