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management situation with specificity

3. raise a question about good or poor management

4. take a position regarding how management or regulation or other shaping activities or roles, processes, or institutions might be improved.

5. use or apply course material

course material talk about

1 Governance structures and governance failures: Firms, boards, and the function of assurance. SOX.

2 Compliance management: How do you design a compliance program so it works?  Mimetic compliance.  Fulfillment compliance: walruses in the Gulf. The problem of policing what you can monitor. Whistle blowing. Are managers professionals?

3. Good names: reputation; reputation-sets; reputational bliss; Walmart vs. Costco.

4. Corporate social responsibility; corporate philanthropy;  corporate citizenship and the community.

5. Doing business in a new way:  Reverse marketing. Base of the pyramid.

6. Issues management (see frames, above); public affairs management; crisis management.

7. Corporate political activity; lobbying: effective and ineffective practices.

8. The regulatory system: institutions and patterns of behavior.

9. Understanding the sectors: public vs. private.