Government corruptness and offer possible solutions to end it.

Focus on the problem of government corruptness during the communist movement in China.
Give Introduction and Thesis
Give background on the issue which is government corruptness in China
Explore one or two solutions that other people tried but did not solve the problem.
Explain your own solution and why it would help or work better than those presented
Test your solution in possible scenarios
reply to anticipated criticism of my arguments (address my opposition in order to strengthen my position)
Section title s okay
put the issue in a historical(communism corruptness) and social context and propose the most workable solution that research and reason can provide.
This is a research paper.
Please use the source Ha Jin Saboteur story as an example to show police/government corruptness and mistreatment toward him.
Use source about the cultural revolution.
Only two source can be from websites, database collections are okay.
All sources that appear in work cited must be referenced in the body body the paper
Use the articledata.html
De Anza database, should use EBSCO Publishing, then search for articles.
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