Government mandated use of ethanol in consumer used gas stations

For this essay, you will be looking at an issue that has two opposing sides and giving information about what each side believes. The topic/theses should be something along the lines of this: Should state/local government entities mandate the use of ethanol at consumer level gas stations. A focus can be made on the state of Texas, because thats where i live. The professor will be grading harshly on grammar and spelling use. i??

Incorporate a minimum of three sources (one scholarly, two popular), using at least one quote from each;
i § You may not use Wikipedia,, Yahoo News, or any other new aggregator
i § Popular sources must be reputable news sources or .gov/.org sites.

Essay Two is a position paper, similar to a one-sided argument. For this essay, you will be asserting a claim and supporting that claim through rational evidence taken from solid, academic sources. It will be your job to convince the audience of your position, so you must consider the needs, biases, and beliefs of a diverse academic audience.