Grant proposal for skagit conty to prepare Flood awareness brochure in Spanish

This is the assignment.

Group a a?Countya? Grant Application Assignment a (40%) a June 5 1pm
Procedures, programs and practices for emergency/disaster preparation and management are evolving. Moreover, there is a call to address the needs of vulnerable populations in order to promote their resiliency in crisis/disaster conditions. Funding programs aimed at preparation, mitigation and resiliency may be costly and necessitate seeking funds from outside sources.
As nurses we may be in volunteer or professional roles that prevail upon us to participate in grant writing efforts to address disaster preparation for vulnerable populations. Therefore, it is important to gain a measure of experience in grant writing activities.
Students will be divided into teams of 4-A­a?5. Each team will be provided with a specific Washington county. Each team will research their county to determine county geographic vulnerabilities as well as population vulnerabilities. Each team will then determine a particular vulnerable population in their county for whom they aim to develop an emergency preparation program. To fund the program, each team will a?apply for a granta? through the a?Washington Community Emergency Preparation Funda? (WACEPF). Detailed directions for this grant application will be forthcoming. The WACEPF grant application is due May 29th.