Graphene integrated in silicon photonic waveguide

1-definition of waveguide and extraordinary features it has
2evanescent field in the waveguide
3mode profile (TE and TM mode and how can we control the order of mode from geometry of the waveguide)(explain that theretically
4method of coulpling light in the waveguide (like grating coupler)
5development to some selected devices such as single ring resonators (structure , calculation of transmission theortically and experimently
6coefficient loss like linear absorption coefficient
7change value of linear absorption coefficient at integration graphene sheet on waveguide,ring resonators)
8explain the reason in the light of the interaction between graphene to integerate in the top of photonic chip
9take this advantage in applications like biosensors and pgotodetector and so on
10for future work at using graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide instead of graphene sheet
. features they have and why I want to use it
11effect that on linear absorption coefficient and then application
please can you use numerical citation I did not see it with options