Grarian Societies in History: Building a comparative Model

Dear writer:
This paper must be typed double spaced with normal margins, and be at least six full pages in length and not including cites.

I will sent 5 files to the folder, It including the original Instruction, paper Mechanics, the examples of questions you may using and The EBookas link of four agrarian societies.

Order Instruction:

For my paper, you are asked to research and write a paper in which you attempt to understand aspects of agrarian civilization by comparing four separate agrarian societies which named:

“(1) Charles Benn, Daily Life in Traditional China: The Tang Dynasty (2001)

(4)Jeffrey L. Singman, Daily Life in Medieval Europe (1999):

that existed at various times during the agrarian era of human history. you will approach your research by selecting (any) three questions from your original list of six questions that you would ask about any society. When you have decided upon three questions, you will then apply them to agrarian societies in China, Aztec Mexico, Mesopotamian and Europe.

(1) you only can use those 4 resources which are the EBooks I gave you in this paper, and no outside sources.
(2)You can create three new questions by yourself or choose any three questions from the question list which I sent to the folder nameda?Question lista?, the Question list was organized by my professor, he put some studentsa good questions.

I need you give me three questions list as soon as when you start, I need give it to my professor, whenever you create the questions by yourself or choose the questions in the Questions list which I sent to you.