Gree or Disagree: All database vendors will eventually have to open up their source code or go out of business

This paper considers the emerging interesting trend toward what is called Open source software”. Its effect is being felt in many different areas of information technology, both operating and applications. The area of database management has long been dominated by large-scale applications from companies like SAP and Oracle. Under these conditions, you either buy the entire suite, which commits you to a single approach and offers you in return a single interface, or you buy nothing.

The open-source movement has been a breath of fresh air in many areas of computer systems development, not just databases. The idea is fairly simple if somewhat counterintuitive: give away your product to make money. The odd part is, it works, at least part of the time. What it amounts to is that by making the core source code of major applications common knowledge, you encourage people to build on that, and the more applications and specific tools people build on it, the more you have the opportunity to create a critical mass of users and uses. Netscape pioneered the approach, although they subsequently lost the initiative, and it is clear that in the area of operating systems, Linux has at least managed to put a scare into Microsoft Windows.

In this paper look at the issue of open source applications in database management. Theres no question that it is somewhat more complicated and more organizationally difficult to put together an effective database management system using open-source components than is to simply write a large check to Oracle, Microsoft, or SAP. Yet enough companies are moving this direction that it warrants attention. At the very least, anyone in information technology management would be expected to have a reasonable acquaintance with the idea of open-source software and so it will pay to give some attention to this phenomenon.

Please read WikiPedias general discussion of open-source software:

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Agree or Disagree: All database vendors will eventually have to open up their source code or go out of business

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Please make a stand on Disagree. I beleive large comapnies have to much riding on thier data to have no one to firmly put a finger on and say what is up with this. I just think when big companies have someone with a name to put to a piece of software it gives the peice of mind that it will work and be maintained at all times due to paying for the product allows the research to continue.