Gree with the writer below and write 3 pages with supporting sources. U5DF

Agree with the writer below and write 3 pages with supporting sources. U5DF

Nursing is a very complex and changing discipline. Due to my complex occupation I feel that there is not one set theory that will best fit my philosophy, but multiple
theories. I do, however, notice that I apply one theory more than others. This theory is Betty Neumans Systems Model and is one the is applied to
my cancer and end of life patients. Betty Neumans Systems Model motivates you to view the patient holistically. Nurses tend to get caught up in the disease or illness and
forgot that the patient is a real person, with multiple stressors in their life. This model focuses on these stressors and by using primary, secondary, and tertiary interventions
these stressors can be dealt with so the patient will achieve stability (McEwen & Mills, 2011). The patients I deal with on a daily basis are in a very fragile state and I must
look outside the box and assess stressors, both physiological or others, in order for the patient to have quality care. Some of these interventions may be handled under my
scope of practice (ie. symptom management with medications). If it is something that is not under my scope of practice I use multiple resources
(ie. The Dempsey Center) for my patients or families to use. With these interventions the patient and family will experience a better outcome.