Gree/Diagree Analytical Paper about Physical Attractiveness

Hi. Writer.
I want you to write an agree/ disagree analytical paper based on the statement  Physical attractiveness is extremely important to me in a serious long-term partner
Because most citations below are disagree sides, you d better stand disagree side. But, it s totally up to you. Just please remember that you have to use all 4citations, not from other sources.
And you can paraphrase the citations or shorten it.


1. You must use below all 4citations, not from other sources. You cannot omit even one of them. Must use all of them.
2. 4full pages, 12point Times New Roman fond, 1inch margins all around.
3. The simplest citation for lecture would be to put the date of lecture in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. For readings, put the authors and page number at the end of the sentence in parenthesis. Ex.: (Lecture, 7/19/07), (Elia/Chen, p. 42) You do not have to use APA or MLA styles citations or footnotes.


Agree side
 from the lecture(July 18, 2007)
 Human attraction to aesthetics, good looks advertise good health

Disagree side
 From the book E/C ch.7 p.33
Data from young U.S. females show that compared to less-attractive females, attractive females report higher frequencies of using attractiveness enhancement tactics(e.g., wearing makeup), flirting with other males to make a date jealous, and acting possessively. These findings, taken together, suggest that that  darker side of the attractiveness stereo type may be partly due to the types of mating strategies chosen by females differing in attractiveness.

 From the course reader section 4, from the article  the rules of attraction by Jane Feinmann
 What a girl must do to get a mate is to accentuate the positively feminine , it seems. Most significantly, says Adrian Furnham, Professor of Psychology at University College, London, women should get as close as possible to the ideal hourglass figure, with a 23in waist and 36in hips.  The fact is that men like curvy women, and accentuating the waist/hip ratio makes you more attractive as a potential partner.
 But research for a BBC TV program claims that, while evolutionary psychology may explain what happens when eyes meet across a crowded room, it can be disastrous as a basis for a long-term relationship. The new sexual theorists are claiming that judgments based on immediate physical attraction are likely to lead to tears in the long run, and may be an important contributing factor to the high divorce rate and the increase in long-term singledom.
 From the course reader section 4, the article  The Beguiling Truth About Beauty by Carlin Flora,
 Most of us have had the mysterious experience of watching a loved one become increasingly beautiful with time, as the relationship grows deeper. Imagine that generous gaze is upon you all the time, and you ll soon see a better reflection in others eyes. You may not be able to turn off your inner hot-or-not meter, but you can spend less time fretting in the mirror and more time engaging with the world

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