Green marketing(is it ethical to use green marketing just to convince customers to buy the companies products?)

Hi the essay I want from you will be different in its structure from the last essay that you did for me.
The introduction:
The introduction will be in Two paragraphs. The first paragraph should be written about green marketing in general, the second paragraph will talk about what I will discuss in the essay in specific and about the concepts of the book that I will use them and we will talk little bit about the case study or the example that I will use.
The body:
The body will be in 3 Parts:
First part
” The first Part will consist of two paragraphs we will talk about the concepts of the book that we will use in green marketing like to define the concepts according to the writer then define them again in our words and talk about them.
” The second part will discuss more about the concepts and put discussions and arguments and theories that the writers mention them about the concepts.
” At the end of the 2 paragraphs we will write a small conclusion about what we wrote in the two paragraphs. (The conclusion no needs to be more than 4 sentences).

Second part
In this part we will mention the case study or examples about companies that they use green marketing and how it try to attract the customers and convince them to buy its products because its using green marketing and help the world to protect the nature .

Third part
In this part we will make mixture between what we wrote in the first part about the concepts and how its fit in the example that we used. In other words we will discuss the example we use according to what concepts we have from the book and answer this question.
Are these companies using green marketing just to save the nature and be helpful or just to motivate the customers and encourage them to buy its products and increase its profits? Also, is it ethical to use green marketing just to convince customers to buy the companies products?

The last part of this essay will be the conclusion: but we will not write conclusion as usual we will say after answering the question above we find that & & ..
Then we will take the most important things we wrote in the essay and write them other words.

** we are not allowed to use other books just our text book which is (SIGN WARS ) FOR ROBERT GOLDMAN and STEPHEN PAPSON
* We will use recourses just for the examples that we will use .
**plz the structure that i wrote is really important.
**The essay should be written in 12 font and spacing 1.5 .
** The whole essay must be not less than 1800 and not more than 2000 word so please try to write the most important and necessary things and let the essay look professional,, thx