Gricultural practices (breeding vs. genetic engineering)

The topic that I have chosen to write about is Agricultural practices (breeding vs. genetic engineering)
A few questions that I would like to address are what are the differences between breeding and genetic engineering? Which is cost affective? What are the next steps in breeding and generic? How can both affect the Agricultural practices?

Two references that I will be using are :
The Evolution of Modern Agriculture and Its Future with a¦ ; website; full

Genetic engineering, ecosystem change, and agriculture: an update; website; pdf PDF file
please include an outline
and use the following layout

Title Page: The first page, the title page, should include your name, the name of the course, the title of your presentation, and the date.
Your paper will be divided into the following modules (see below). Each module should be a minimum of 1 A? pages (double spaced; Times New Roman Font; 12 point font size).
The Modules
I. Module 1: Definition of the problem
II. Module 2: The history of early solutions
III. Module 3: What social, political, and technical forces caused one technology, or one primary design, to become dominant?
Again, under what circumstances did this happen? Who paid for the development? Who benefited? Who suffered? What were the technical strengths, weaknesses, and limitations?
IV. Module 4: What competing solutions either failed or became Niche markets”? What social, political, and technical forces caused this to happen?
Example: Blimps failed; helicopters/gliders became niche markets.

V. Module 5: What are the challenges the dominant technology currently faces?
Examples: High fixed costs, fuel expense, safety, security, etc.
Are there any technologies that could replace the dominant one? (Trains, small air planes, etc.) How is the dominant technology Fighting back”? Finally, what does the future hold? (A return to trains? Smaller airlines? Faster planes–but then why havent supersonic aircraft caught on? etc.)Conclusion..

In conclusion,….