Griculture on Rainforest(Amazon Tropical) soil

This essay is for my Geography SOIL course.
The main factors that will be considered in evaluation will be:
1.understading of the topic and depth of consideration.
2.organization of the essay and quality of writing.
3.normal degree of difficulty of the chosen subject for student in 4th year Geography.

Required minimum of 10 pages double spaced. 10 references and no more than 5 from website.

Since this essay is for the Soil course, agricultural use should only be related to: soil types, soil composition and soil cycle of rain forest. Pro and cons of agricuture in rainforest and as well as impacts and solutions need to be discussed. However, all in perspective of SOIL.
I have a web site related to my topic, even though its not on the Amazon tropical soil but I think it will help you understand what Im trying to talk about in this essay.
Thank you very much!