Grument against lowering the drinking age to 18 in the United States

Use of Outside Sources
paper contains at least one graph and chart?
The range of research sources required (at least 2 peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles, 1 book, 1 .gov or .edu website, and 1 other source of your choice. A total of at least FIVE sources). * Substantive quotes integrated using the 3-step method? (1. Introduce quote(r), contextualize, give credentials of quoter, 2. give quote, 3. explain quoteas significance to your thesis/point). Formatting and works cited list in proper, APA style
Format and layout of paper creative, colorful and/or innovative, while still informative and functional

Argument and Content
a specific, arguable thesis statement in the introductory paragraph that answers the research question
* Is the interdisciplinary slant of the paper clear?
* Is paper at least 6-7 pages, or 1200 words, double-spaced, excluding charts, citation and title pages?
* Is purpose and audience clear and specific?
* Is paper topic narrowly defined?