Grument for and against the Commision decision

This is the essay about competition policy and economic regulation.
The essay should be no more than 3000 words in length. While the individual essay must be on a topic related to the group presentation case, the essay must also be entirely your own work. The essay does not need to comprehensively examine all aspects of the case presented, and can be focused on a single relevant sub-topic within the broader topic area.
The essay is based on a case about the merger between General Electric and Honeywell. As it is mention above, the essay should be related to the case and I want to cover the the argument for and against the EC decision. The case is very broad, it involves bundling, conglomerate effect, vertical effect. Therefore, you can focus on one specific area for example, argument for and against the EC decision on Bundling. I will also attach the case and some articles about the case after I place the order.