Gun control using the [***Rogerian Argument***]

this aefumentative essay HAS to be written, using the ROGERIAN ARGUMENT-METHOD. The topic for my particular essay is gun control. I think every law-abiding citizen should have the right, given to us in the 2nd ammendment, to own and bear-arms. Please do NOT use big/dictionaried/long words, because I am not wanting the paper to stand out to her too much when she is reading it! I need one source, and CANNOT use the word I, except in a story that happened to me. Please put this story in here and glamortize it to spice it up and make it sound appealing to audience (its 100% made up, so you can toy with this story to spice it up if youd like hahah): I got robbed when I was walking, on the side of the street in the ghetto, with three knives to my throat, and nothing to use for defense. they ended up just bullying me a little before leaving. It was this life-happening story that determined me to buy/own a gun; which I conceil on a daily basis.I onle need one source, and you should know how to properly write and structure this essay to fit the ROGERIAN STYLE. Thanks a bunch, and please dont hesitate to email me with any questions in regard to this paper.