H 11, ch 12 ch 13 topics are outlined below

Eight Edition THEATRE by Robert Cohen

The essays should demonstrate a growing knowledge and understanding of
Theater arts gleaned from a careful reading of the text; you are expected to incorporate material learned from the chapters into the essays, to demonstrate not only that you have read each page carefully but that you have made connections and achieved insights into the facts and events,detailed in the text.

Paper Formats
Please use standard college style and form for these papers: double-spaced, non-italic legible font of at least 12 pt. size. Grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage must be appropriate for a university level essay. This is formal writing slang, profanity and text-message vocabulary are not welcome, thank you.

Ch. 11 1st essay topic( 4 pages)
The issue of political censorship has always been with us. Discuss your opinion on the subject.
How far should theatre go? Is there a point at which no one should pass? What is more troubling: language, nudity, or violence?

Ch. 12 2nd topic (4pages)
There are two approaches to the work of the actor: the external and the internal. Comment on each
of these ways of working and cite some advocates of each side of the issue. Is either side right (or wrong)? Does the real truth lie somewhere in the middle ground

Ch. 13 3rd topic (4pages)
How have contemporary playwrights such as Tony Kushner, David Henry Hwang, Neil
LaBute, and Suzan-Lori Parks written works with gravity and pertinence to todays issues?

Cohen, Robert. Theatre Eighth Edition. McGraw Hill 2008.

Please use 3 other sources in addition to the main readings from Robert Cohens Theatre