H. 5 Writing Today p. 63-83 + other excerpts from the Textbook.

The profile focuses on telling the reader something about an interesting person. It makes a
point larger than the person being discussed. It also provides a chance to reveal the life of
someone who otherwise might not be recognized for his or her efforts or experience.
? The profile offers background information and tells anecdotes that leave the reader with a
compelling theme.
? The profile is intimate and informativei??revealing much about the person.
? Prepare profile for a magazine audience such as American Way, Rolling Stone, People

Required Components:
1. 2 0.5 3 pages typed, double spaced profile in 12 point font + Works Cited page
2. A photograph of your i??profile/subjecti?? (Ch. 17, p. 382 & Ch. 9, p. 183)
3. An interview with your profilee or someone who knows him/her well (Ch 19, p. 406-412)
4. Quote(s) with MLA documentation
5. Library and/or internet research to develop details of profileei??s location, background, and/or
historical context. Integrate 2 sources into your profile (that means you should access at
least 3-4 in order to have 2 strong sources). You will use MLA guidelines for the citations
and Works Cited page

my person is my uncle , he is 57 years , he is a doctor specialist on women and birth, he gruduated from high school in saudi arabia and after he went to complete his major in canada for 7 yeras , now he is one of the most known doctors in saudi arabia,
his information
mohammed bugnah my uncle
57 years
3 boys 3 girls
working in hospital in big city riyadh