H Lawrence Pianowould like to use the theme of music, what music does and how it is structured like songs and the musical imagery itself.

The poem Pianodepicts an adult reflecting upon his childhood and his relationship with his parent. By examining the language, structure and tone of the poem, define the relationship as described by the speaker. I need a TITLE, an INTRODUCTION with a THESIS STATEMENT as the last sentences included in the introduction, a couple of paragraphs that prove and explain my thesis statement and A CONCLUSION that repeats the thesis statement in it. I need a few QUOTE INTEGRATONS, I will add the cites for these and i will do my own work cite sheet.

I would like to discuss musical imagery with structure terms and tone, poem is slow and steady and than a cannon blast! aabb, sing/song etc… stanza and the first 2 lines of each stanza are in the present while the 2nd two lines of each stanza represent the past.

speaker is resisting the tune of the music but the music continues to drag him into his nostalgic past. (nostos pain and algos homecoming)

Remember only 2 pages with all that I need in it. theme of music and musical imagery with structure and terms. Rhythm/rhyme, stanza form, tone and theme.

Please make sure my thesis statement is at the end of the introduction. and repeated fluently not exactly in the conclusion.