H Lawrences The Rainbow (language desire and the subversion of gender)

write on a topic of your choice using one or more texts studied on the course (in lectures and/or seminars) and any critical/theoretical material which you find of relevance. With a word limit of approx.1500 (not including bibliography), you will need to be focused and clear about the idea/hypothesis you plan to explore. This is not the place to try out sweeping, broad brush-stroke statements or generalisations about the period.
perform a close, rigorous reading of a complex passage of a text that has particularly engaged you, explaining your choice and reflecting on its significance for a critical understanding of the text as a whole.
choose a critical or contextual essay either from a journal or a critical study/collection of essays or from amongst the material prescribed by your tutor (e.g. an essay by Baudelaire, Freud, Simmel, Lawrence etc) and discuss it in relation to a literary text studied on the course. There is no strict correspondence between the critical and the literary works, so you are free, and indeed encouraged, to combine them in alternative groupings/contextual clusters to those addressed in seminars. You are of course free to reference additional works in support of your reading. My Primary text is The Rainbow D H Lawrence I would like to discuss language, desire and the subversion of gender. I would like Lacans work on the other used as a secondary source and Freuds Three Contributions to theory and perhaps D H Lawrences Language and Being