Habs obsession and trip of self-destruction.

Paper about captain Ahab in Melvilleas book Moby-Dick.
5 paragraph essay: introduction, 3 body paragraphs and conclusion.(conclusion very important)
The source has to be Moby-Dick, Melvilleas book.
The introduction has to be something like this one, but it has to be longer and better:
I in Melvilleas book Moby-Dick one of the main characters, captain Ahab loses his mind and he is pressured to be what his crew thinks of him, which makes him crazy and obsessed, and he starts a trip of self-destruction. Ahabas pride makes him overly concerned with what others think of him till the point when he no longer is an individual who can think and function for oneself. The desire to be revered by his men drives him to take self-destructive risks. When this occurs a person loses his/her personality, which is what makes him who he is. a?Melville in Moby Dick renders Ahab as a diabolical figure to demonstrate the self-destructive nature of the pride.a?
Has to have a personal interpretation of Ahab (captain in Moby-Dick)
Talk about what the crew thinks of his captain (first impression if they believed in hima¦)
Why Melville made Ahab as a diabolical person… your own opinion, support you opinion.
Use some scenes from Moby-Dick (quotes, underline them and short ones) to verify your opinion.
Its a critical paper, you have to say your opinion and be able to create a point from it.
Make your own argument about Ahab.
PS. I really need a good grade in this project.