Halet Booking System Analysis and Design

I will upload my project and my project with my teacher notes please do the changes

Added on 26.03.2015 07:01
Please read and understand the project from the following document:-
Assignment Brief + assignment Brief 2

All the following is supporting document:-
Chalet, system,
human computer.
all support document to this project please use them to correct if there is mistakes.
I uploaded the teacher Meeting recording plus the notes so you get more understanding about the project please use them to correct the mistakes.
IM expecting price will be change

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this document is Max client in the teacher notes:-
document: Systems analysis and design project2

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I just had a meeting with my Teacher and I just uploaded it so please listen to it really Important. IM expecting Price change because I donT want 3 pages only I want the whole draft to be change if it needed.

Added on 26.03.2015 12:51
the teacher mentioned in the third meeting books:-
, Human-Computer Interaction by Alan Dix, third edition or later published by Pearson.
that cover data flow, entity relationships, decision tables, data dictionary topics

Added on 26.03.2015 12:52
Please understand all the support document, meetings and teacher notes and then start working on the draft and teacher corrected draft. IM expecting price change because I want the whole draft to be edited plus adding.