Hallenges and potential advantages in adopting the International Financial Reporting Standard for

Major research paper
You are expected to write a paper about accounting issues. For example, what are the motivation and the impact of adoption of IFRS on different stakeholders. Please consult to professor about the research topic you are planning to explore. The paper should be submitted to iLearn.
Proposals (one paragraph) must be submitted to me to get my pre-approval o n y o u r
t o p i c (p r o p o s a l i s d u e o n Oc t 2 2 ) . Y o u research paper should be in a
format and content that ready to be submitted to an accounting journal. Follow the
Accounting Review or Journal of Accounting and Economics style. Your paper should not
exceed 15 pages (but not less than 10 pages). Cover page, table of contents page and reference
page will not be counted toward you maximum page limit.