Hallenges in the Global Business Enviornment

Research the code of ethical conduct of AT&T. Next research 2 similar companys in the same industrys code of ethical conduct. Specify in brief the nature, structure, types of products or services of the businesses. Examine the information in the code of conduct for AT&T with that of the other 2 similar companies. Choose 3 key issues that you believe to be key to success. Provide rationale.
Using the 3 issues as a benchmark compare & contrast the 2 similar companies to that of AT&T. Examine to the extent that the 2 similar companies have addressed the key issue as AT&T. Hypothesize 2 potentially positive outcomes for each company if the issues are addressed. Also hypothesize the negative effects if not addressed. Propose 2 techniques that AT&T could use in order to ensure that its code of conduct remains relevant through years of changing economic, political, social, cultural, & technological forces on business & society. Evaluate the effectiveness of the 2 methods that AT&T currently adopt in order to manage environmental issues. Examine 2 approaches that AT&T has taken to embrace technological advancement for innovation & thus improving business offerings. Anticipate 3 technological challenges AT&T could face & recommend 1 strategy that could minimize the anticipated challenges. Specify 1 lobbying strategy used by AT&T and summarize whether or not you think the effort was necessary and successful. Analyze 2 global corporate citizenship efforts that AT&T has, and assess the extent to which these efforts are effective. Examine how 2 global citizenship efforts could contribute significantly to the companys sustainable development goals.
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