Hallenges, problems and conflicts that may occur in teams (Teamwork vs. Individual work in efficiency of decision making)

In attached file you can find an essay of my classmate, which is whit same topic, and you can use it like an example.
My task: In order to prepare your exhibitions, you have been working in teams. Drawing on your experiences from this teamwork process, on academic literature and your personal reflections discuss the challenges, problems and conflicts that may occur in teams. Are teams more effective decision makers and problem solvers than individuals?

Students are expected to demonstrate an ability to reflect on their own experiences, to link their ideas with the theory and propose solutions or interesting arguments on the topic of teamwork. Reference to dysfunctions of teamwork, even if they have not been experienced is essential (e.g. Groupthink). Essays should have a clear structure, including a brief introduction and a conclusion and should strictly follow the Harvard Referencing method