Hallenges women face moving up to executive positions

As we discussed before.

Also, paper must not be more than 10 pages, excluding title, ref, & appendices. No abstract is needed. And the instructor wants the running head to the right side. Im almost finished w/ the transcripts, Ill upload by tomorrow.

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Format should be:
” Introduction
oProblem statement (including existing literature about the problem) (something like; In the past 30 years there is varying information as to whether women have or have not risen to senior levels quickly in their careers, or are they still held back by the glass ceiling)
oPurpose of the study (something like; To explore the careers of two Midwestern women and determine how their lengthy careers have progressed)
oThe research questions (no more than 2) (the questions are: What opportunities for women have developed in the past 30 years? What challenges have women faced in the past 30 years?)
oLimitations (only interview 2 women, short time-frame to do research)
oLiterature Review (a summary of articles researched and how it may or may not support other experts. paraphrase article reading to get to problem & findings. Account of readings about topic that provides findings of the research, what other experts have researched & learned)
” Procedures
oQualitative research strategy
oRole of the researcher(inexperience, only my opinion, biases)
oData collection procedures(selection of 2 interviewees, contacted via email, scheduled interviews, selected location for interview, face-to-face interview, reviewed protocol form)
oData analysis procedures(made notes after interviews, reviewed audio recordings & notes, transcribed, coded, themed by listing then collapsing codes,  and the three themes that emerged were& 
oStrategies for validating findings (triangulation & member checking by letting the interviewees read the transcripts for accuracy)
” Anticipated ethical issues
” Significance of the study
” Findings(come from interviews)
” Discussion
” Appendices: