Hallenging Homeostatic Interpersonal Process

Challenging Homeostatic Interpersonal Process

Hello, I faxed the instruction of the paper and the context that must be in the paper.
I have broken down the paper in parts. I also faxed the skills identification that must be used in the transactions process in part I.

Part I. Setting  setting the Scene

I have given a synopsis of the Individual who the paper is focusing on. I also provided some information of the agency where I m doing my placement.

Synopsis of the agency
The School Social Work and Attendance Department (SSWAD) in the Broward County School are committed to positively impacting student achievement by addressing and removing barriers to learning. Ensure that all students have access to the wide array of services provided the department assigns a school social worker assigned to every school. Truancy, disciplinary infractions, family issues, and mental health concerns are some of the factors that contribute to academic non-progression of the student

The school social worker intervenes as part of the schools Collaborative Problem-Solving Team, the Crisis Team, and additionally, provides training and teachers consultation regarding child abuse, homelessness, teenage pregnancy, mental health concerns, dependency, and delinquency issues (http;//fl.us/studentsupport/sswad/).

The school social worker functions as a liaison between the school, family, and community, provides intervention, addresses issues of non-attendance and truancy, and provides behavioral assessments, crisis intervention, and consultation in addressing the barriers to student achievement.

School Social work services promote and support the educational process by meeting the individual needs of students and their families within a multicultural and multi-ethnic community. Through their unique training and practice, School Social Workers assess needs, provide professional services and mobilize school and community resources to overcome barriers and enable students to achieve educational success. The Broward School social workers bring their unique skills and systems perspective to the assessment and diagnosis of childrens needs. As Student Services support team, school social workers initiate and support activities to overcome institutional barriers to learning and gaps in services to maximize the individual students academic performance (Francois, L. personal communication).

Synopsis of the Individual

Devin is a ten-year-old African-American elementary student in the forth the grade. Devin presently lives with his step-grandmother Ms. Jackson-Moss age fifty-four, and his stepsister who is nineteen, and his cousin Melanie age seventeen. This family resides in a one-bedroom apartment. Devin has a history of abuse and appears to be currently displaying some of the behaviors of his abusers.

Devin was referred to the school social worker by the school for a psychosocial assessment due to prior reports concerning his inappropriate interaction with his peers and adults, as well as his lack of social skills. According to Devin s step-grand mother, Devin has a history of abuse (Jackson-Moss, B. Personal Communication).

Devin lived with his biological mother up until approximately two and a half years ago when placed in his father s custody. While living with his mother, Devin reported that she left him with various relatives and friends for long periods at a time. As per statement by Ms. Jackson-Moss, while Devin lived in Georgia his living situation was not appropriate and his father, stepmother, and stepsiblings mistreated him. Ms. Jackson-Moss stated they witnessed the lack of care, basic needs, attention, and inappropriate behaviors he was subjected to. These behaviors included Devin sleeping on the floor in laundry room, and outside on the back step (Jackson-Moss, B. Personal Communication).

Devin expresses his desire not to return to his family in Georgia and to continue residing with his step-grandmother. Delving stated his family treated him badly and did bad things to him when he lived in Georgia, but would not go into any detail. Devin stated he s trying really hard to do the right thing, but hears voices telling him to do things that are not good. (Devin, Personal Communication).

I believe that Devin s behavior is a direct reflection of the abusive history he has endured during his early childhood and lack of love and attention. I believe Devin simply needs proper care, a nurturing environment, and loving home. I also believe Devin s previous environment had a lot to do with his present behavior, and if he has people around who can teach him appropriate and acceptable behaviors, along with ongoing counseling his behavior would improve.

Devin is a ten-year-old African-American fourth grade student was referred to the social worker for a psychosocial assessment by the school due to concerns surrounding his history of inappropriate behavior with his peers as well as adults.

Devin childhood involves a history physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect, which seem to have had a tremendous negative impact on his behavior. He has also been placed in variety of home with relatives and friends without any long-tern stability. Devin appears to have a close relationship with his  grandmother . Preventative measures within the family setting have been implemented to safeguard Devin and family members within the home.

Ms. Jackson-Moss seems to be an individual who is willing to care for Devin on a long-term basis, providing him with a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. She has however indicated, that if his behavior doesn t improve with the current medication and counseling services he is receiving, the next step might be to explore is placing him in a residential program as per suggested by his therapist and psychiatrist.

Devin appears to be gradually opening up to his grandmother about his feeling and some of the mistreatment he has endured at the hands of his relatives. Ms. Jackson-moss has expressed a desire to ensure Devin receives quality care, and services necessary for his well-being.

Presently Devin is receiving ongoing in-home counseling services through the Chrysalis center, and is seen by their psychiatrist as well. According to Ms. Jackson-moss, Devin has problems with sleeping, hearing voices, bed-wetting, headaches, and focusing. His therapist has prescribed, and is taking medication. Ms. Jackson-moss stated that her daughter (Devin s step mother) and his biological father are separated and his whereabouts are presently unknown.

Part II. The client-worker Transaction

I faxed you the sample of how the transactions titled (Practice with analyzing transaction). You can complete 8 transitions in this section (A-H).

Part III. Discussion of your practice Observation

You can put in your input of the observation.


This paper requires 4 references and 2 citations from each of the references. Here are three of the four texts I wish you to use in the paper. You may use any other references for the fourth references. Do you have these textbooks?

Cox.b & Ephross, P.H (1998). Ethnicity and Social work practice. New York: Oxford University Press.

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