Hamberlin plc & Castings plc Financial Management

Assignment title:A review of peer-resourced literature on corporate takeovers from which an actual proposal is presented for a merger of two firms in the UK engineering sector.(Chamberlin plc & CASTINGS plc).

CASTINGS plc will take over Chamberlin plc

1st company
Castings plc net worth approx A?85M Engineering and machine castings Welcome to Castings PLC. Castings PLC are an established iron castings and machining group based in the UK and supplying overseas.
Castings PLC produce ductile iron castings, SG iron castings, austempered ductile iron (ADI) castings, Simo castings and Ni-resist castings up to 40kg in weight using 4 Disamatic moulding machines and 3 horizontal Green Sand moulding machines.
Castings PLC can undertake the design, including virtual analysis, of Ductile and SG Iron castings, can produce rapid prototypes and pre-series castings using full production processes, as well as producing serial quantities of fully machined ductile iron castings and sub-assemblies.

2nd company
Chamberlain plc net worth approx A?40M engineering and machine Founded in 1890 in the manufacturing heartland of the United Kingdom, Chamberlin plc is a leading foundry and engineering group providing specialised castings and safety/security products to a wide variety of industries across the world.

The assignment briefing, requirements and criteria will be uploaded, the assignment must be 2000 word and contain all the relevant literature on Mergers and Acquisitions for the past 25 years 20%, followed by the justification for the favored takeover strategy 40% and rationale applied to engineering sector analysis for target identification 25%. the last part will be focused on the financial justification of the takeover for the shareholder wealth creation 15%.