Hanas current political situation is a result of colonial legacies



I would need a research paper that would provide at least 2 arguments of why the current political situation in Ghana (or any other African country) is a result of colonial legacies. The paper does not need a conclusion, but it does have to have a thesis statement.

It needs:
1) Argument
2) Conceptual / Theoretical Framework

The argument must be supported with evidence from appropriate sources. Peer-reviewed academic literature (articles, books, book chapters) is a must.

I chose Ghana just like that, for no reason. The objective of paper is to get you engage with topics in African Politics. I chose to have the focus of colonial legacies and then picked Ghana as the case study. If ever you will like to change the country that would be fine. The essay may be on Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, it really does not matter what country it is.

It has to have a clear thesis, clear argument and theoretical concepts such as integral state, ISIs, informal politics, etc.

Thank you!