Handlers claims for superiority of managerial capitalism are specific to a particular time and place and cannot be generalized Disscuss

1 answering the question naturally fully to interpret the set question,to consider the key words of phrases decide how all part of the question are conneceted,to decise an analysis or structurre that allow you to answer hr equestion fully,and throught to determine the key issues.
2 knowledge of cases and evidence .it is possible to gain high marks unless demonstrate knowlege of countries ,institutions,firms etc.use your cases and evidence within an analytical structure designed to answer the question.
3 knowleges of theory and literature demonstrastrate an understanding of major authors and theories relevant.also should employ theoried and concepts as means of shaping the use of evidence and the theory and evidence should be synergic and not separate.
4 analysis and structure this is main characteristic that define a good eassy.you are expected to know the maijor literature adn offer evidential support as a basic part of studying foe the ourses. the point is wheather you have thought the material and whether you can use it to argue coherently and analytially in response to a problem.the insights implicit in your analysis should be reflected in the design of your assignment structure ,which in turn should be apparent to the marker.
5 comparisons .it is better to aviod the sequential outiline of cases ,by which is meant discussion of the US ,Germany,the UK JAPAN and china in turn and separately.the approach causes problems in the design of an analytical structure,and it is not directly comparative because you treat each example separately.
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