Hange in Food pricesin the last 10 years(choose one of the food commodities)

You are asked to write a briefing note with an accompanying set of power point slides (maximum of 12) for your superior (not an economist) who is giving a presentation on how world food prices are changing and what, if any the connection is with the change in world oil prices. Your report will be done as a Word document which will include the Text box for each slide accompanied by notes that explain what the slides show. These notes should not exceed 1200 WORDS (approximately 100 words per slide) excluding references and appendices.
You need to include:
1. Relevant data for the period for the chosen commodity
2. The link between its prices and oil prices
3. Any other factors that have impacted on this food prices.
You should make use of the following economic concepts
a. Demand and supply analysis
b. Elasticity of demand and supply
c. Substitutes and compliment
Make sure you define all concepts clearly
Include diagrams on your slides with clear and relevant explanations