Hange in the  Price of the commodity in relation to the US Subprime crisis(Dissertation Proposal, or literature review)

Remember this is a Pure Economics Subject. This will have to have lots of economical theories, analysis, relation with the real life issue and political issues.

This is a Dissertation Proposal, or literature review”.

#My main focus is PRICE (in respect to Credit crunch) and how it is affected.
#Why is it worth doing this dissertation.
#Name of the economical theories I will be relating with.
#1,500 words
#Some discussion about the world economy.

***[My university has software that checks the articles from all over the world and universities. So I really need this to be original and no other has ever submitted in any university or website. Any sentence with more then 6-10 words match is picked up by the software as plagiarism if not sited specially.]

I hope to get the whole dissertation done by you soon and recommend you& .. but only if it is a very good piece of work.

Thank you.