Hange Management and developing clinical guidelines.

Identify an aspect of clinical practice that requires development or change.
Justify the need for development or change.
Write a protocol, guideline or standard for this aspect of practice (include this as an appendix)
Discuss how you would implement your protocol, guideline or standard and evaluate its effectiveness.
Analyse and appraise your role as a specialist Practitionerin the developmet process.Leadership skills.
Discussion points should be supported by relevant evidence and research and utilising the Harvard system.
My area of speciality is intermediate rehabilitation.In this unit non of the nurses can cannulate. We depend on the doctors who are not always thre to do the task. Most of the time the intravenous therapy is interupted due to cannulation problem. Most of the nurse in the unit are not competent to give intravenous medication.We depend on nurses from other wards, as a result intravenous drugs are not given as per prescription. I wrote the essay but it needs correction and the development of the protocol or guidelines. See attachment.
Harvard sysytem University Standard