Hange management and employee motivation strategies for a business process reengineering cycle

Assume that you are one of the top managers of a big international company spread over several continents. It is decided the company wants to rebuild/expand its Information and Communication Technology infrastructure and information system. This requires a business process re-engineering cycle effecting various aspects like:
Redistribution of data, i.e. migration from the centralised data storage into the companys local branches (or opposite)
Entering the Web market and redesigning your traditional brick-and-mortar structure
Changing communication channels with your suppliers and dealers into paperless forms
Exploiting knowledge of your employees using knowledge management tools and approaches
Introducing the concepts of learning organisation into your functions
Characterise/introduce your company and specify the type of your proposed change by choosing any of above listed re-engineering processes. The description does not need to be complex, but it should state its three to four main steps that will affect various departments of your company. Also, specify the affected departments and the consequences of the changes on them.
Consider yourself as being member of a board representing the British or American country or region.
Specify how you imagine the change will affect your region from a cultural standpoint. Make reference to cross-cultural situations and theorems.

Assume that to successfully accomplish the task, you will have to select and purchase new hardware and software and re-train your employees. This obviously brings on the risk of resistance to change by employees since the selected project represents a change of a large magnitude and effects many employees. As a result, in your writeup consider ways to prevent such problems and state how as top managers you can motivate your staff and help them accept this business process re-engineering project. Please make sure to reference and quote change management theories and motivational theories to substantiate your argument

Kindly include a conclusion.