Hange Management and Motivating people to the change

I have some support decoments and articals, I need to send to you.

bellow are information required for the research,

DRAFT Research Methods Dissertation Proposal Form

Section 1:
Name: Student No:

Postcode: Course
Year of Study (Cohort):
Telephone #: Mobile Telephone #:

Section 2: Research Topic. Briefly describe your intended research topic. This section should include any relevant background information, and include your rationale for choosing the topic, including why it is of personal interest to you. (This section should be around 250 words in length.)

Section 3: Research Aim. Clearly state your research aim. (You should refer to your notes on setting suitable research aims. This should be max. 50 words in length)

Section 4: Literature review. Outline some of the key theoretical concepts on which you will draw to frame your research. You should provide around 1,000 words of a section of your literature review. Please refer to your notes on achieving criticality in a literature review. You should also refer to your notes on avoiding plagiarism. You should ensure that all sources are fully referenced.

Section 5: Research Methods. You should outline your proposed methods of data collection and analysis. You should also outline your own current capabilities in terms of e.g. statistical analysis if relevant. This should be approximately 200 words in length

Section 6: References/ Bibliography

Hange Management and Motivating people to the change

I need this to be done in steps with close communication with me, for now I just need Research aim and the objective and I need this tomorrow the rest of the research can be done later on with my direction.

The masterpaper already wrote the draft of the research but as per my supervisor it required to be more specific, I will attach the previous draft by masterpaper (order #477476)

Research aim:
Identifying barriers to change within a multi-national corporation based in Qatar or middle east.
The barriers
Lack of the knowledge or skills
Fear from change
Workload to the employees
Time concern
Lack of or bad leadership.
Lack of communication