Hange management of large scale enterprise

Topic: Discus Key components of managing large-scale enterprise change successfully

Your essay should cover but not limited to:
1. Key concept definitions
2. Critical analysis of relevant literature: this should identify and explain relevant IT Governance theories, arguments and perspectives regarding the topic of your choice. 3. Discussion of the main challenges, problems and IT Governance issues in relation to the chosen topic
4. Conclusion: discussion of the overall coverage of the topic including current and future challenges of IT governance.
5. References

1. Chose a topic that can demonstrate your understanding of the course
2. Locate relevant sources (databases, journals, books). You are expected to refer to refereed (peer reviewed) academic papers.
3. Identify relevant literature (at least 8 relevant Journal articles, does not rely solely on web site publications; or on one or two articles).
4. Analyse and synthesise the literature to produce an analytical essay that addresses not only a?whata? questions but also a?whya?, a?howa? and a?in what sensea? questions.

Marking Criteria and Distribution
1. Use of resources (10%): quality and extent of reading, use of evidences such as cases, examples and anecdotes.
2. Content (35%): relevant answer to the essay topic, validity of argument, analytical depth; logical flow and development of ideas.
3. Engagement with relevant literature (40%), synthesis and analysis of literature with appropriate citation; use of relevant theories, concepts and frameworks to support analysis; own input, insight and interpretation.
4. Organisation and Presentation (10%: clarity of structure, quality of presentation, style and readability.
5. Citation practice (5%): appropriate citation of sources and evidences used; application of the

P.S: Try to relate to IT governance, but discuss change management in general of business is ok.