This is an article that I have to do as part of an assessment for a certificate. The topic has to be related to  Change Management and I have selected the topic of  Poor Performing VDP (dentist) and how change management affects this . The total word count should not exceed 3300. I have enclosed also the marking sheet which the assessors will use and some other details that you may find useful.

I have given it a shot, but the text is too long and far exceeds the allowed limit. I am hoping that you would be able to comprehension it and shrink it appropriately but without loosing too much of the content. I think it needs to be re-written  in your own words as I have imported a lot of principles of change management straight from the author s articles. The whole task has to be referenced, which I have done, but needs tiding up. There are some references missing, which I can insert myself. I am also trying to complete the last two items, which I will need help on.
The deadline for finalising and submitting this is 9th October.
Please feel free to call me on the number provided when you have received this email so we can exchange notes
Use Numeric System
Citation in text: eg: Donabedian (1) states that...
(1) DONABEDIAN, A., 2003. An Introduction to Qaulity Assurance in Healthcare. New York: Oxford University Press
List references numerically as they appear in text