Hange ManagementIts interrelation with Project Management

A report of approximately 2,000 words on the following topic:

 Analyse and discuss how change management and project management can be seen as complementary to each other. What are the differences, similarities and overlaps in the two disciplines, and what benefits to a Project Manager could accrue from having a good understanding of the area of change management?

All references should be included as Endnotes.
A single page Executive Summary that details the main findings
Table of Contents, which should be automatically generated in Word based on Heading Styles (if possible).
Include an automatically generated Index, and several examples of cross-references also generated by Word (if possible).

Some useful sources of information to maybe start you off :

 Carnall, Colin A.  Managing Change in Organisations. FT Prentice Hall.

 The Official Edgar Schein website : gov/articlerender.fcgi?artid61464