Hange project proposal-Nursing shortage in ICU and how it causes lack of patient safety

Paper topic: NURSING SHORTAGE IN ICU WHICH RESULTS IN DECREASE IN PATIENT SAFETY..Using Havelock Model of change…3-5 page review of current research; APA 6th edition style. Proposal no more than 2 single spaced pages. References on 3rd page. An appendix should include any instruments used, budget information, and time line. Appendices not included as part of the 2 page paper.

This is a 3 part paper, including initial draft then roman numerals I-III (problem statement,plan for change, and evaluation of effectiveness).

I. Problem Statement-background information of the problem, including outcome data (qualitative and/or quantitative) that highlights the importance of the problem. Identify the National Patient Safety goal that this change project is associated with. State the problem clearly including for whom the situation is a problem. Identify the benefits of the problems resolution.

II. Plan for Change-describe the plan for change, including specifics of who, when, how, etc. change will be implemented. Use a change theory to give a framework to your change proposal. Clearly describe what data you will collect to support the process and outcomes for change. Use instruments such as patient or nurse satisfaction tools, include them as an attachment and list in references. Include cost of implementation, such as nurses time,etc. Identify a timeline for implementation and follow up.

III. Evaluation of Effectiveness-identify the markers for effectiveness of change. Describe the follow up that will be in place tosee that change is integrated into practice, the system, etc.