Hange the worldA message for a high school graduating class from a teacher of yours

Friends at Essay

I was hoping to make use of your fine services once again

The topic is a message to a graduating class of the school at which I teach and the spirit of which should be from the work of radical pedagogy and pedagogues such as Paulo Freire, Peter Mclaren, Dave Hill , Henry Giroux, Michael Apple and others along with the poetry of the great romantic poets of the English language Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Keats and perhaps most importantly the poetry of the American transcendentalists Emerson and Whitman and the Beat poets of the 1960s Ginsburg, and Kerouac

I was hoping that something can be captured from these great inspirational figures to impart upon these students whom I was privileged to have taught over the years as their English language and literature teacher

The message should communicate differently than the standard message since it draws on sources that are engaging and are more a call for action at a time when their next step will be even more conformity since in this country they have mandatory military conscription

This should be a call for a very different action .. indeed to change the world before it changes him or her respectively and in a world where more so than ever before people are called to conform whether it be to the laws of the market or the laws and dictates of scripture of whtever faith

I will attach my own c.v and personal statement, with your permission , only concern yourself with these parts and not the application for admission

And I will also add a school profile for your information of which a part is in English , the rest being in Hebrew which need not concern you , unless in the off chance that you know the language, then by all means

Thank you

Appreciate the continued friendly, courteous and professional service