Hanges and restrictions to importation of commodity foods such as Cheese, etc.. due to certain tainted foods abroad.

These is the background of the company the threat is affecting:

Small independent Italian restaurant: Tonyas Italian Restaurant (TIR)
a? Background: TIR was started 25 years ago in Miami when Tony came down from New York. His New York style pizza helped launch his successful restaurant. When the restaurant opened, Tony was the chef, his wife acted as the hostess and his mother was the cashier; other family members held a variety of jobs in the restaurant. Today, Tony cooks occasionally and is semi-retired; he is 69 years old. None of his children are interested in taking over the restaurant. Within the next 5 a 7 years Tony plans to sell the restaurant. Tony is a high school drop out. TIR is open seven days a week from 11:00am a 11:00pm. TIR has the reputation of a family and value-oriented restaurant. The food is a?gooda? but is not sensational. About 20% of TIR customers either dine-in or have take-out at least once per month. There are no organizational charts or job descriptions/specifications due to the small size of the restaurant; Tony does not think these are needed. There is no professional management or marketing staff at TIR.
a? Services: TIR sells wine and beer but does not have a liquor license or bar area. There is no physical space to put in a bar. About 20% of the revenues are from take-out and deliveries, 10% from catering and 70% from the restaurant. TIR sells Italian meals, appetizers and desserts in addition to pizza.
a? Sales: The restaurant has experienced a slight decline in the number of customers over the last 6 months but a larger decline is sales and profits. Customers are ordering less food and cheaper food. For example, soda, appetizer, wine and dessert sales are down; people are sharing meals, ordering more rolls and eating more pizza and fewer dinners.

the paper needs to focus on the threat Changes and restrictions to importation of commodity foods such as Cheese, etc.. due to certain tainted foods abroad.

use this instructions:
The Threat has three parts:
(1) Explain and discuss the threat itself.
(2) Explain and discuss why it is a MAJOR THREAT
(3) Explain and discuss why and how this item will have a MAJOR impact on your organization. You can have a maximum of 3 major impacts.