Hanges and trends in the external market for Crown Hotel and Casino.


I have upload the assessment detail, in fact this is a group assignment, so we did split the tasks. My parts is to develop a briefing paper for the Crown Hotel and Casinos marketing team highlighting changes and trends in the external market and dicuss what could be done to address these challenges. Crown Hotel and Casino located in Melbourne, Australia.

For the changes and trends, I would like to add one of my opinion/point in the paper. I would like to state as Chinise people is one of the Crown most customer. Therefore, if the Chinese government would like to change their regulation about the Gambliing Policy which is to not allowed Chinise people to gambling exceed certain limited amount of money. Because one of the reason why chinise is the Crowns main customer for the hotel and casino is Chinise anable to do gambling in Melbourne without any restriction regarding to these issue.

Please remind that this is must be focus on the Hotel field as I am studying International Hotel Management. So please, more emphasize on the accomodation sector. You can also talk about Global Financial Crisis that might impact to the Hotel. Please mention several key points for the changes and trends.

Np: This is also include 6 peer reviewed academic journal articles.

Thank you,