Hanges in juvenile justice over the last few decades

This paper should utilize several sources. Ideally, your project should rely on both academic sources (research journal articles) and reputable popular press pieces as well as agencies and think tanks, foundations, etc., that may deal with your topic. Wikipedia is great for getting a general idea, but it is not really a good source for information necessarily. I believe that you should have a minimum of six substantive sources (substative sources means journal articles and substantial pieces from agencies and such Wikipedia, About.com and such are NOT substantive sources).

Your paper should be clear, well organized, and relatively free from grammatical errors.

Your paper should use appropriate internal citations and supply a comprehensive works cited section at the end of your paper. You should use either the APA (American Psychological Assciation) or ASA (American Sociological Association) citation method.

Remember, the focus of the course (and therefore your paper) should be about social change. This topic is in the main quite broad, but you need to clearly link your paper and the ideas that it generates back to the theme of social change. This can be an examination of changes that have happened historically, a process that is being undergone, the effect that agents or technology has in changing societies or groups, or something similar. Hopefully with the research proposal I can help you make that a portion of your focus.