Hanging demographics of the workforce in USA are challenging OSH (occupational safety and health) employers to prevent injury & illness

Evaluate how the changing demographics of the workforce in the USA are challenging OSH (occupational safety and health) professionals and employers in their efforts to prevent occupational injury and illness.
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Required Readings:

Chapter 3 titled  The Changing Workforce from the textbook Safety in the 21st Century.
This can be read online at: docs/2004-146/pdfs/2004-146.pdf.
The reference is lengthy. It is recommended that you scan the chapters and make notes on significant data and trends.
Series of articles titled  Seven Decades of Safety in Occupational Hazards Magazine (now named EHS Today), October 2008. These articles are meant to provide you with perspective on occupational safety and health and a snapshot of some of the historical events that have shaped the present day occupational safety and health environment, most notably in the USA.

Seven Decades of Safety

Good Times Take Their Toll

The Birth of OSHA

Reform and Reinvention

The following readings will provide you with a snapshot of recent occupational safety and health statistical performance data, and several views from leading safety and health professionals on OSHAs past accomplishments and challenges going forward. This is a unique time to take this course as the United States Presidency has shifted from eight years of Republican leadership and its philosophy about OSHAs role, to a Democrat Presidency with a different philosophical approach.

OSHA National News Release December 19, 2008 show_document?p_tableNEWS_RELEASES&p_id16973
EHS Today Magazine article  OSHAs Evolving Role in Promoting Occupational Safety and Health , December 2008 /ehstoday.com/standards/news/osha_niosh_heads_1215/
EHS Today Magazine article  The View from the End of an Era , December 2008